Mold fabrication

We fabricate our molds in our in-house plants

At Iwaki, we fabricate our molds in our in-house plants . This not only enables us to meet diverse customer needs, but also to deliver products with short lead times. Through this we have provided customers with even greater levels of satisfaction, continually growing as a company relied on throughout society. What would happen if we outsourced our mold fabrication? We would not only need to know the technical capabilities of the company performing development, but the range of needs we could meet would also be restricted. Furthermore, we would lose our ability to flexibly meet customer delivery time requests, ultimately affecting our customers.

The development center of mold fabrication

Iwaki's molds are developed in the same city as the head quarter and the sales department. Iwaki maintains its flexible system to be able to meet customer needs for rapid order delivery times and to handle any problems which might arise.

The advantages of owning seven machining centers

Iwaki owns seven machining centers. All of our machining centers, such as “INTEGREX100-IVS,” manufactured by the global industrial machine leader Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, are top-caliber devices. This is why we can deliver our products with such confidence. Owning a large number of machines enables us to rapidly deliver our products to customers. Not only do we perform manufacturing in-house, but we constantly keep our production system in tip-top shape. Through this, we earn the trust of our customers and continue to strive for excellence.

Three key features

Our fabrication of Iwaki molds in-house, at our own plants, offers benefits such as the following.

  1. The reliability that comes from Iwaki fabricating molds in-house
    Fabricating molds in our own plants provides customers with a greater sense of security. Iwaki's manufacturing system allows us to meet a wide range of customer needs and smoothly deliver products, without customers ever needing to feel uneasy
  2. Flexibly meeting customer needs through our two development sites
    We have two sites that fabricate molds. Either one can handle orders; we do not depend exclusively on either one. This is the foundation of our flexible manufacturing system. We will continue to meet the wide-ranging mold demands of customers.
  3. Unique processing methods and rapid order delivery times
    Iwaki owns seven machining centers, including a Yamazaki Mazak "INTEGREX100-IVS" compound machine. We also use unique processing methods for rapid order delivery times. We will continue to use new approaches to further increase customer satisfaction.

Speedy processing of products in as little as three days from mold order placement!

We perform development at two sites, using our seven machining centers. Together with our unique processing methods, this makes it possible for Iwaki to deliver products with as little as three days of lead time. We will flexibly meet customer speed requirements while using our advanced technical capabilities to continue to grow.