Iwaki trays

Iwaki uses vacuum forming, which takes advantage of the full potential of plastic processing technology. Vacuum forming is a leading method of processing and forming plastic products, and is used in products such as egg cartons and convenience store lunch containers.
Although you may not notice this technology in your daily life, if you look around, you will find that vacuum formed products are used in many types of applications. They are an integral part of our lives, helping improve our lifestyles. Vacuum forming will remain a significant technology for our society.

In the future, we believe that using our technical strengths to develop new products and contribute to society will become more important than ever. We wish to fully leverage existing vacuum forming technologies, applying them to a wide range of needs to explore new potential for vacuum formed trays.

Turning wishes into reality

The philosophy behind Iwaki's technologies is one focused on customers' wishes. The many customers we do business with have diverse needs and desires. In our production activities, we maintain a mentality of taking on new technological challenges for each and every order. We use our vacuum forming technology to rapidly issue optimized proposals that encompass the planning, design, mold creation, and formation of trays for use in the packaging, processing,storage, and transport of optical components, electrical components ,precision device components,vehicle components, and more. This is our mission. We will continue to maintain our customer-centric perspective and turn as many of our customers wishes as possible into reality. As society changes, we believe that our customers' needs will also change. How can Iwaki contribute to customers as these needs change? While we cannot see the future, we are confident that doing our utmost every day will ultimately benefit our customers.

Three key features

  1. "Vacuum forming" plastic processing technology
    Vacuum forming technology improves our daily lives. Our trays are used in a variety of applications, and are widely used due to their safety and low prices. We will continue to use our creativity to further expand the range of tray applications
  2. Planning and formation of a diverse range of tray types
    We have already planned and formed numerous types of trays, but we believe there are still more trays that customers would like to use. We explore the potential for creating even more convenient trays that can be used not only in existing operations, but in applications that have yet to be imagined.
  3. Meeting our customers' requests
    Let us hear your requests. Input from customers is the first step in developing new products. Share any and all wants and needs. Meeting customer needs as many as possible helps improve our own technical capabilities as well. We will continue to walk hand-in-hand with our customers into the future.

Please consult us regarding your needs.

We would love to hear from you, about what kinds of trays you want us to make, what kinds of products you want, what kinds of technologies you are in need of, or anything else. We want to make society better through trays. We will continue to listen carefully to our customers' wants and needs and do our utmost to turn them into reality. Please feel free to contact us with any requests or comments regarding Iwaki trays.