IC Trays

Supporting a wide range of packages

Iwaki develops and manufactures trays for use with a wide range of packages in order to meet our customers' broad-ranging needs. We have developed products such as our IC trays by using our existing technical capabilities while creating new technologies. This has made it possible to provide customers with innovative, unconventional technologies. Iwaki's mission is to turn our many customers' wishes into reality one by one. We will continue to take on new challenges to meet our customers' expectations.

What are Iwaki's IC trays?

IC trays are one of the many products Iwaki carries. IC trays are the trays used for the inspection, transport, and shipping of semiconductor packages such as QFA, BGA, TSOP, and PGA packages. They also provide functions such as thermal resistance. We develop and manufacture products like these to meet the desires of our customers. Throughout wider society there are many products and technologies which are needed yet have not yet been realized. Iwaki will meet these needs.

Providing society at large with more convenient products

Society has a need for more convenient products. It needs new technologies to be developed, and for existing problems to be solved, in order to meet its wide-ranging needs. Japan's technical capabilities will not improve unless it advances development in these areas. That's why we are always taking on new challenges.
As a dedicated manufacturer of industrial product and component trays, we create the trays used to transport, package, store, and protect a diverse range of precision components, from optical components to electronic components. We will continue to do our utmost to create an even richer lineup of IC trays and other products.

Three key features

Below are the key features of Iwaki's IC trays.

  1. Iwaki's technical capabilities, supporting a wide range of packages
    We create trays for various packages, as only Iwaki can. Our IC trays, in particular, contribute to society through their widespread use. Please use Iwaki’s IC trays in a broad range of applications.
  2. Constantly focusing our efforts on what customers need
    Iwaki's concept with its IC trays and all of its products is to determine what customers need. This is founded on our customers' requests, as reflected in the slogan, "I wish…" We want to hear from you.
  3. Iwaki's IC trays meet our customers' wishes
    Iwaki's IC trays meet our customers' wishes. Consider how their potential usage opportunities for various packages. You're sure to discover an even wider range of situations in which they can be of use.

Contact Iwaki with your questions and comments regarding IC trays

If you have any questions or comments regarding the IC trays developed and manufactured by Iwaki, please feel free to contact us. Our staff is waiting to hear from you. Iwaki will continue to meet the wishes of customers by supplying high quality products, for the sake of our customers and for the sake of all society.