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Iwaki makes a wide range of products, chief among them plastic trays and packaging containers. The trays and packaging containers we manufacture meet customer needs in every field and application, including optics, electrical and electronic components, precision devices, medical products, and vehicle components. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the quality of our plastic products, created using technologies such as vacuum forming and injection molding, is entirely dependent on the precision of the molds used in the manufacturing process. Mold mistakes of even just a few microns would impede product manufacturing.

Molds are the linchpins and lifelines of Iwaki products. This is why we never outsource our mold fabrication. With our integrated in-house system we handle everything from planning, design, and mold fabrication to product manufacturing. This segment is a vital one that serves as Iwaki's foundation, so we are constantly introducing the latest technologies and actively engaging in facility investment.

  • Tray Design
  • 3D Design
  • Mold Fabrication
  • Tray Production
  • Delivery

Development Center (Mold Plant)

The Iwaki Development Center, located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, is home to machines costing around 50 million yen apiece. Iwaki was the first company in Japan to introduce some of these machines featuring the latest technologies. We currently use the following machines.

Five axis compound machining for faster production of complex products

We have begun producing five axis compound machined products using our mold fabrication machining centers. Machining centers, made up of three sliding axes (the x, y, and z axes) are, due to their mechanical structures, only capable of machining objects from above. Performing processing from complex angles requires the creation of a jig for holding the workpiece at an angle, and repeatedly detaching and reattaching products.

However, five-axis machining centers make it possible to approach workpieces from any angle. Furthermore, the entire production process can be carried out without repeatedly detaching and re-attaching workpieces, reducing precision variation between products. It also requires fewer jigs, making it possible to eliminate processing steps.

Five-axis compound machining can be performed on aluminum, SUS (stainless steel) and brass (talk with us about other materials). We also provide high-mix, small-lot production of lots as small as a single product. Workpieces requiring end face machining can be up to roughly 200 mm in length, and workpieces which do not require end face machining can be up to roughly 700 mm in length. Workpiece diameters can be anywhere from 6.0mm to 145.0mm.

Iwaki uses a five-axis lathe-based Yamazaki Mazak "INTEGREX100-IVS" compound machine. Workpiece top machining, side machining, bottom machining, internal diameter cutting, and the like can be performed with a single program, without ever needing to detach the workpiece. It is capable of both turning and machining processes, so it can easily process workpieces with complex shapes and products requiring indexing or other position accuracy processing. Feel free to contact us about what we can offer.

Facilities at the development center

We use these machines not only to create molds for vacuum forming and injection molding, but also for the manufacture of lathe machined products and cut metal products such as jigs.

  • Yamazaki Masac MOLD MAKER2000 500x200mmYamazaki Masac MOLD MAKER2000 500x200mm
  • Yamazaki Masac MC FJV-35-60-Ⅱ 1400x600mmYamazaki Masac MC FJV-35-60-Ⅱ 1400x600mm
  • Yamazaki Masac MC FJV250」1020x510mmYamazaki Masac MC FJV250」1020x510mm
  • Yamazaki Masac VARIAXIS i-600Yamazaki Masac VARIAXIS i-600
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3-28-18 Higashi Ryoke Kawaguchi Saitama
Vacuum forming die manufacturing with CAD/CAM, Vacuum mold fabrication, Metal cutting
Owned equipment
CAD/CAM, Machining center, forming machine, etc.

North Kanto Plant (Forming Plant)

At north kanto plant, we form trays and we can control our quality and delivery time as we desire. We are equipped with vacuum forming machines and press machines.

Facilities at the plant

  • Single-shot molding machine FE-36FCSingle-shot molding machine FE-36FC
  • Continuous pressure air forming machine SNC810wContinuous pressure air forming machine SNC810w
  • Continuous forming machine VA912HWContinuous forming machine VA912HW
  • Continuous forming machine VA912HWCContinuous forming machine VA912HWC
  • Pneumatic forming machine FKS-0632.2-20-SPneumatic forming machine FKS-0632.2-20-S
  • Environmental Management System FLC-415PC5-Q2-5Environmental Management System FLC-415PC5-Q2-5
  • TOM single machine NGF-0709-STOM single machine NGF-0709-S
  • TOM single machine NGF-0512-RSTOM single machine NGF-0512-RS
  • Table press machine HOM-100Table press machine HOM-100
  • Single press machine PY-1058Single press machine PY-1058
  • Table press machine SFDC-1300x1100x100TTable press machine SFDC-1300x1100x100T
  • Single press machine NC1-600(2)ESingle press machine NC1-600(2)E
  • Laser triming machine LTM-0308-20KLaser triming machine LTM-0308-20K
376-0013 2-4126-1 Hirosawacho Kiryu Gunma
Vacuum forming
Owned equipment
Continuous molding machine, Single molding machine, Press table, Tom molding machine