February 1969
Established as a packaging material sales company in Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, with 500,000 yen in capital.
July 1975
Relocated to Kawaguchi.
April 1982
Began manufacturing consignment and sales of "Lenspack" trays for optical lenses, which require static buildup prevention measures, "Parts trays" for electronic parts, and "CD series" standard trays.
April 1993
Increased capitalization to 10 million yen.
June 1994
Completed new office building (now the head office) in Tozuka-higashi, Kawaguchi City.
March 1995
Increased capitalization to 20 million yen.
August 1998
Opened current Development Center in Higashi-ryoke, Kawaguchi City.
Began full-fledged transformation from a trading firm to a manufacturer. Successfully started in-house manufacture of vacuum forming molds, the foundation of Iwaki's present operation system. Initially, these operations began using a single Mori Seiki machining center in the inspection room (then a warehouse) of the present home office.
June 1999
Opened the current vacuum forming plant in Ohashi-cho, Sano City, enabling us to perform in-house forming as well.
January 2000
Began in-house manufacture of injection molds.
August 2001
Increased capitalization to 50 million yen.
April 2002
Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
May 2002
Increased capitalization to 100 million yen.
April 2003
Opened current Sano branch office in Ohashi-cho, Sano City.
July 2003
Established Chinese subsidiary in Dalian Free Trade Zone.
September 2005
Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Acquired Ricoh Group’s CMS certification.
June 2007
Fully participated in various exhibitions.
September 2008
Opened Niigata sales office.
August 2010
Completed new office building (Rock'n'roller Building) in Kamiaoki-nishi, Kawaguchi City.
May 2011
Relocated Niigata sales office.
Opened Niigata Core Center in Sugoro, Sanjo City (Research Core Ken'o Startup Center).
July 2012
Opened North Kanto Plant (forming plant).
July 2014
Opened decorative film molding plant.
January 2015
Opened No. 5 Plant (mold plant).
July 2015
Increased capitalization to 488,888,888 yen.