Iwaki's dedication

japanese quality trays and moding for all over the world

Since it was established in 1962, Iwaki Co., Ltd. has accurately assessed customer needs and created products that contribute to Japan's manufacturing industry. We manufacture diverse products, from small products such as component trays to trays for large or heavy objects, molds, and processed metal goods. These products are used by our numerous customers in a wide range of fields. We are particularly dedicated to vacuum forming, our core strength. We are constantly devoted to turning our customers' wishes into reality faster, more flexibly, and with greater quality. All of our employees are working as one to take on this challenge and further extend our operations globally.

Speedy processing in as little as three days

Time is a valuable resource and assets in our modern society. Iwaki can process vacuum formed molds and trays in as little as three days from order placement. Injection molds can be processed in as little as seven days (the number of days may vary depending on the product shape, etc.).

Iwaki's product lineup

We make our moldings in our in-house factory

At Iwaki, we have our in-house molding factory and pressing factory, we can do all the productions by ourselves without oursourcing. Therefore, we can control the delivery time and quality above your request.


Iwaki’s mold machining equipment is manufactured in our in-house integrated production system

At Iwaki, we use our own mold machining and manufacturing equipment. Our integrated production system encompasses everything from planning and design to mold fabrication and forming. We do not outsource processes. We can start by creating molds and product prototypes, and then gather feedback and requests from customers to produce more precise products.

Iwaki's mold machining equipment

Flexible support for material and price needs

We can speedily manufacture various products, such as Iwaki standard trays, which meet customer requests for high-mix, small-lot production, and provide them to customers at inexpensive prices. We meet diverse customer needs by offering a range of special materials to fit individual customer usage purposes and products the trays are to hold.

Iwaki Trays

Customization to meet customer requests

All Iwaki products are manufactured in-house, so they can be customized to meet customer requests. Production managers take part in meetings from the planning and design phases, so they accurately understand customer desires and provide the products that best match customer needs. We can also rapidly accommodate products not listed in catalogs or websites, so feel free to inquire, whatever your needs.

Customizable Trays

Creating products of all sizes

One of the advantages of vacuum forming is that it can be used to create everything from trays for small objects, such as precision parts or electronic components, to trays for large or heavy objects. Iwaki meets customer needs for products of all sizes. We are confident in our expertise, track record, and proven skills. Please consult us regarding your needs.

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We aim to be a mobile, global company

Iwaki can go on-site to any location in Japan! We have also created a global division (9686 Division) to meet the needs of customers around the globe. A mobile, global company – that's Iwaki's future vision.

Learn more about Iwaki – Iwaki - The Movie

We have created a video for all those interested in learning more about Iwaki, vacuum forming, and decorative molding. We hope you find it informative.